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Dr. Gelcoat's Policies


Dr. Gelcoat will not cut corners, play games with insurances, deductibles OR the tax man. We take pride in our relationship with insurance companies and manufacturers. If you are looking to save or make money on your repair, we encourage you to seek another repair facility.

We require a 50% deposit on work orders over $5000, and 20% for work orders under $5000. However, we are flexible under certain circumstances. Please contact us regarding your situation. All work orders must be signed and deposits received before your boat is scheduled for repair.
Upon completion, all work is required to be paid in full prior to your vessel leaving our facility. 

We will not warranty any repairs partially completed by anyone other than Dr. Gelcoat. In other words, if your boat has been repaired elsewhere and you are not pleased-we will not repair without removing the previous work.




Points of Concern

Dr. Gelcoat warranties all repairs. In this day and age, boats are manufactured with polyester resin at various grades, which is fine for building boats. Gelcoat is not a waterproof material; therefore osmosis has an effect on vessel hulls.

When we repair a boat, we use epoxy resins. The cost is double, but so is the strength. When we repair osmotic blistering, after doing major preparations, we will use vinyl based-gelcoat which has far better water resistance than normal gelcoat. As for barrier coats and antifouls, we will not cut corners by using cheap systems.



Dr. Gelcoat will give you a reasonable time frame for scheduling your work. We will give you a guaranteed return time. We do one job at a time to insure quality work and timely completion.

The Doctor's goal is to return your vessel to you with a clean bill of health.